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If you've been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis by loss of employment or reduced hours and have a concern with your ability to pay your next Rent payment we are committed to working with you as outlined below.  


The information requested below is required for approval to make delayed or partial Rent payments exceeding the 5-day Grace period without a penalty and to work-out a payment plan.  UPDATE:  The Ohio Bureau of Unemployment is current in issuing COVID-19 unemployment benefits to include additional funds of $600/week to valid applicants.


Unemployment filing is easy and possible 24/7. 

It is strongly encouraged to use the online application and include Mass Layoff code no. 2000180 for expedited processing of COVID-19 job loss benefits.


  • Submit your Unemployment application confirmation # and all information regarding the start of your benefits, received from once you have applied, by forwarding the email or mail you receive from them to   OR  if you received the confirmation #  and benefits start date by text, email a screenshot of the text to     Do not submit just the confirmation # without the other additional information.

  • Follow up with your employer on their status of assistance for their employees thru PPP and the CARES Act passed by Congress which may eliminate your need for ongoing Unemployment benefits.


  • If you are self-employed or a 1099 employee the State of Ohio has made it eligible for you to also apply for Unemployment benefits starting Sunday, March 29, 2020.  Please submit the information as requested above after you have applied.


  • This information is to be submitted prior to the expiration of the first Grace period of your next Rent payment due. 


  • See the CARES Act information below.  Unemployment benefits have been increased and the 1 week waiting period has been waived.


  • If you have a Cosigner on your Lease this COVID-19 Response does not apply.

Stay safe!

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