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614- 917- 0079

No photos / videos permitted of occupied apartments during viewings.  

Thank you for understanding!


 No previous Evictions.   No Section 8.

  • Some REASONS for  Application Denial:    Felony charges,  Criminal charges, unfavorable or un-validated Rental History, Domestic Violence,  Eviction, Application misrepresentation, omissions or falsification, owning excluded pets.

  • OCCUPANCY Policy:  If the number of Occupants is greater than the number of Bedrooms, additional Rent charges apply, varying from $75 - $175 per month per additional person.  For minor dependents, please inquire.  For bedroom space, city code requires 70 sqft for 1 occupant;  100 sqft for  2 occupants or 50 sqft per occupant.

  • All occupants 18 + yrs must apply individually.
  • Section 8  Not accepted.
  • All apartments require monthly Water payments added to Rent. 
  • Security Deposits are less than the Rent. 
  • All properties are smoke-free.
  • Amenities not listed for an apartment are not offered.
  • Pets are permitted at most properties, with some restrictions.                                      (See our  Pet Policy)


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