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At Katsco Properties, we understand people love to have pets.  We allow common pets to rent with you.    


For the comfort of all residents and neighbors in Old North Columbus, we welcome most breeds of dogs, with a few exclusions.

Only Cats are permitted in the East Duncan Studio apartments. 

Excluded Breeds

Afghan Hounds               Bullmastiff

Cane Corso                       Chow 

Doberman                         Pit Bull

German Shepherd           Presa Canario


Coonhounds - permitted in single family homes only

     ...any dogs mixed with these breeds are excluded.  

Pet Fees

ONE-TIME convenience fee for pets to rent with you:  

DOG  $200        CAT  $200


Monthly fees :

DOG   $50          CAT   $50


  • All pet fees are Non-refundable. 
  • Discount of 50%  applies for 2nd pet fees of same owner. 
  • Size and number of pets permitted varies by property.  A two pet limit is customary. 
  • Pet species permitted varies by location.
  • Uncommon pets will be considered & rated on an individual basis: birds, reptiles, rodents, arachnids, etc.
  • Pet fees are subject to change from information gathered during the application process.

If you are already renting with us and want a Pet to live with you, contact our office, by phone or e-mail, to obtain the Pet Addendum needed to bring your new Pet home.

Being a responsible pet owner helps keep pet fees low for all residents.

Thank you for doing your part!

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