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              ~ Est. 1990 ~


Our attention to Service and Community Preservation has awarded us the privilege of offering housing for 30 years in the University District and Old North Columbus. 

We look forward to providing yours!                          

Managed by Katsco Properties, Ltd

Katsco Properties are individually located in Old North Columbus, central to the University District,  Clintonville  and  

The Ohio State University. 


Qualities of more than 100  years of architectural styles with comforts of newer amenities.   Unique characteristics are common.


For 30 years as property owners and renovators, Katsco Properties  helped make the Old North Columbus and University District the charming communities in which to live, work and play. 


We welcome you to enjoy living in Old North Columbus!    

 ~  Community  Preservation  makes a difference  ~

Glen Echo Ravine Bird Mural ~ a beautiful display of community preservation.

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