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Application Fee


PAY Application Fees / Optional Hold Fee

$ 30.00 Fee / Applicant
Optional Hold Fee : $300.00 Applied to Security Deposit
Fees are Non-Refundable

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( No Exceptions to requirements )


 1.  View the apartment.   If you cannot view the apartment, you must have 

       someone view it for you. 


 2.  Read  THINGS TO KNOW below before Applying.


 3.  Pay Application Fees  or  Hold Fees thru PayPal.  Applications are

      due within 2 days to continue HOLD.


 4.  Submit Rental Application for each occupant to be 18 yrs or older.


 5.  Download .PDF to your computer, use 'Fill & Sign' to complete                                                           OR                                                                         

      Print to complete, Scan to upload. Do NOT scan on Cell phone.

           Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to "Fill & Sign' on your computer?


       Typed Signatures are Not accepted 


  6.  Application, Cosigner form or Visa must be submitted in .PDF format           ONLY.  All other required documents may be picture format (.jpeg)


  7.  Photo ID / Driver's License copy required.

     If you are not a U.S. Citizen, copy of your Passport or Visa

     is required. 


  8.   Proof of Income required from the following:

  • 2 Months  current Paycheck Stubs/Direct Deposit receipts.
  • Employment Offer letter which required your acceptance signature.
  • New employment requires copies of Bank statements showing funds to cover a minimum of 3 months of rent, utilities and living expenses.  Your name must show.  Account # blocked out. 

We do not accept verification letters or calls from employers to verify employment. 


 9.   Cosigner Application   (if needed)

Cosigners must be a Parent, Grandparent or Legal Guardian and are required to guaranty the full performance of the Lease and any Addendum or extension to the Agreement. This document must be Notarized.   This document does not replace a Rental Application for the occupant.  Cosigners are not meant to replace inadequate job income of an Applicant.


 10.  Application Fee of  $30  per person to be paid online:  PayPal.


 11.  If you choose to  HOLD  the apartment off the market to

        apply the Optional  HOLD Fee is  $300  and will be applied to the

        Security Deposit owed at lease signing.  

        HOLD Fee is Non-Refundable. 


  • Application Fees must be paid with a HOLD fee.
  • Complete Application packages are required within 2 days of paying a HOLD Fee or it expires.
  • HOLD Fees are Non-Refundable, for any reason.  The apartment is taken off the market and other showings or interested callers are turned away, to process your Application and sign a Lease. 
  • The Lease must be signed by the 7th day or the HOLD expires. 
  • HOLD Fees are accepted prior to submitting documents.


 12.  Submit all required Application documents at the same time.


Submit by secure upload:​   

               [ Do Not use any other email to submit signed documents]

                ​Processing takes 2 - 4 business days to complete.


Once approved,  Lease documents will be sent to your email address with detailed instructions and Move-in information.


  • REASONS for Application Denial:    Felony charges,  Drug charges, unfavorable or un-validated Rental History,  Domestic Violence,  Eviction,  Application misrepresentation, omissions or falsification, owning excluded pets.

  • OCCUPANCY Policy:  If the number of Occupants is greater than the number of Bedrooms, additional Rent charges apply, varying from $75 - $175 per month per additional person.   For minor dependents, please inquire. For bedroom space, city code requires 70 sqft for 1 occupant; 100 sqft for 2 per room. 

  • All occupants 18 + yrs must apply individually.
  • Section 8  not accepted.
  • All apartments require monthly Water payments added to Rent.  

  • Security Deposits are less than the Rent. 

  • All properties are smoke-free.

  • Pets are permitted at most properties, with some restrictions.                          (See our  Pet Policy)                                                                        


Apartment Address is required on payments

  • Online Payment:  PayPal for Application fees

                              for Rental payments




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